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Why I founded Beau Durée

For over 12 years, I have struggled with losing weight. I have tried many different methods, but none of them was able to help me sustain the weight loss. However, one of the most effective methods that I have discovered was to battle against my cravings of sugar. (My entire Weight Loss Journey will be updated!)

I first started cutting down my sugar intakes by looking for food substitutes with less sugar. Instead of milk chocolate, I went for darker ones. Instead of Vanilla latte, I started drinking a normal latte and black coffee. Instead of normal yoghurt, I started having a Greek yoghurt.

After some time, I discovered that I no longer crave for sugary food, as much as I used to. My weight started to fall, and skinny jeans started to fit me well. I even lost 20 kgs of weight at one point in my life.
(embarrassed to share but this is my before and after photo)
While it might seem to you that I have successfully found a way to control my sugar cravings, my journey wasn’t that simple.

There have been ups and downs during my fight against sugar. I was even anorexic at some point - I became obsessed with watching every gram of my sugar and food intake and subsequently developed other unhealthy habits. While I do not feel compelled to lose weight anymore, “to eat or not to eat sugar” is still a daily struggle for me.

What I ultimately took away from my battle against sugar cravings is “to be moderate.” I realized that being on either extreme - having no sugar and having too much sugar – is unhealthy. The best solution is to have a healthy amount of sugar by snacking on less sugary, but equally delicious, food.

That’s also why I founded Beau Durée. After having especially difficult times finding less sugary spreads alternatives on the market, I decided to create my healthy spreads.
(This picture is actually hanging on the wall at UCL Innovation and Enterprise)

Our spreads are sugar-free! Yet we will still pamper your taste buds with the natural sweetness of honey, the healthiest alternative to sugar. Unlike sugar, honey is absorbed slowly by the body, so it does not spike the insulin levels (a.k.a, sugar-rush). Rather, it gives you a sense of being full and energetic for a longer period. Also, honey is full of various beneficial minerals such as riboflavin, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

As we put your health comes as our top priority, we keep our products’ ingredients clean, and simple as below:
- Made with all-natural ingredients
- Crafted unique, delicious flavours of spreads (Matcha and Earl Grey)
- Source high-quality raw materials from (certified grade-A matcha)

Our mission is to make snacking guilt-free. With our products being sugar-free and gluten-free, you will no longer feel guilty snacking more than you should😌

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