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Earl Grey Oatmeal with Full of Aroma

Hello everyone!
How is your day going? For me, these days my lazy mode kicks in😅.
Fancy is good but cozy is better these days.
So why not making something for everyday breakfast? 


portion for 2 people


100g Oats

250ml liquid 

(I usually put (oat)milk, but here I used coconut milk.

You can simply use water as well)

1Tbs Beau Durée Earl Grey Spread

Fruits (optional)


How to cook🧑🏼‍🍳


1. put the oatmeal into the saucepan


2. Pour the liquid 


3.Mix and stir them with medium heat until it boils


4. Put it in to your bowl. If you have any fruits to add, put them as well.


5. Mix it with Beau Durée Earl- Grey Spread and start your morning☀️

Earl Grey Spread Here 


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