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Earl Grey Cinnamon Walnut Apple Bake

Hello, It is festive season again!! 
Many of you will enjoy this cozy time with your loved ones - but some people like me will be slightly worried about becoming fat. So I come up with a healthy yet delicious and festive recipe with Earl Grey Spread.
Portion for 4 baked apples. 


4 Large Gala apples
20g cinnamon powder
100g walnuts
4 Table spoons Earl Grey Spreads

How to cook👩🏻‍🍳

1. Preheat the oven on 190'C

2. Cut the Apple's top (not too much)

3. Scoop the inside 

4. Mix little bit of apple, walnuts and cinnamon powder in a bowl. Here, you can chop the walnuts a bit

5. Put Earl Grey Spreads on the apple's inside

6. Put the mixture (no.3) into a big bowl

7.Put them in the oven tray

8. Bake at 190'c for 30 minutes

9. Decorate it nicely and enjoy😋

Earl Grey Spread Here


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